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NSW Player Profile. Meet Sarah Nelson, today is a brand new day?

Member Profile

The lovely Sarah Nelson. (Champion Squash player)



Life when not playing squash?

Not a lot!  Work, work, work.  And I look after my elderly parents on the weekends so that doesn’t leave much time.

Could you give some personal background (relationships, children, etc.)?
Single. No kids

Are you involved in any community organizations (charities, church, etc.)?
Not at the moment

What are your hobbies?
Squash is my main hobby. I like going to the gym as part of my squash training. And I like traveling, but that’s usually to a squash tournament!  I also enjoy cycling and photography, but time and money don’t allow me to indulge as much time as I would like.  Ultimately, a cycle trip overseas taking photos is on my bucket list.

Where did you grow up? Did you move around a lot? If yes, how did this affect you? If no, how did the stability of living in one place all your life affect you?
I’ve lived in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Wagga, and back to Sydney.  I grew up mainly in Canberra where I started playing squash as a junior.  Moving around after school, squash was my main link to meeting new friends and re-connecting with old friends. I think most squashies can relate to this, it’s quite a community.

Are there any political or social issues you feel passionately about?
I am concerned about climate change, deforestation, consumer monopolies, and equal rights, but I’m no activist. I also care about equal rights for women, in the workforce and in sport. There’s been some improvement in the acknowledgement and coverage of women’s sport but there is still a huge pay and exposure gap.  I genuinely like watching women’s sport: squash, netball, Soccer, cricket, tennis, they play a skilful and tactical game.

Do you have a nickname?
Snelso. Spring chicken.  Probably more I don’t know about.

List your favourite (book, movie or play, quote, poem, website, type of food or individual dish, music genre, song, band or individual musician, clothing style or designer, etc).
Fav authors:  Michael Robotham, Val MacDiarmid, Ian Rankin.

Movies:  So many... Cohen Bros movies.  Red Rock West.  Thelma and Louise.

TV shows:  English crime and drama: Luther, Spooks, Happy Valley, Cold Feet, This Life.

Where have you travelled?
I’ve been to Italy, France, Germany, Austria and England.  Over the last ten years I’ve travelled every two years for squash tournaments to New Zealand, Germany, England, Hong Kong and America

How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

I’m lucky to have flexible work hours so I start my day with gym training or a sneaky hit of squash.  I go stir crazy if I miss a day of exercise.

So far what's been your most embarrassing moment?

Too many to mention and I’m sure there are many more to come.

Favourite weekend activity, outside squash?

Sleeping, eating, relaxing.  It never happens!

List three misconceptions that people often have about you (and, if none, why).
Nothing I can think of.  I work at Channel 10.

Misconceptions?  People think I’m nice, but I’m not really.  Any others, I don’t know about


Best compliment you've ever received?

I have received a lot of compliments, which I appreciate, and it’s nice to hear.  People often say they like playing me, I think that’s because I’m predictable and easy to read!  Just “well played" is the best compliment.

Did you have a model or idol who you aspired to be as a youth?

There were so many great players I was lucky enough to watch as a junior. The Aust championships each year was a week of individuals then a week of state teams, the juniors playing during the day and seniors at night. The standard of squash was world class, literally. The NSW team had Ken Hiscoe, Cam Nancarrow, then there was Brett Martin, Ross Thorne, Kelvin Smith, Rhonda Thorne in QLD. As well as Dean Williams, Chris Ditmar, Vicki Cardwell, Jan Miller etc. And the juniors were Michelle Martin, Sarah Fitzgerald, Daniele Drady, Liz Irving, Rodney Martin, Rodney Eales, Chris Robertson, Adam Schrieber, Brett Newton.  All world ranked players or future world ranked players.  It was such a great era and I was lucky enough to make the ACT team and watch some of the best squash rivalries play out over many years.  They were all inspirational.


Who has helped you during your personal or professional career?


I’ve been lucky to play with great players over the years. I still do! And they have all helped me. I had coaching from the very start, at age 11.

We had a coach at Bulldogs for about 10 years, Neale Marsh from NZ. He was very knowledgeable and philosophical. He certainly reignited my passion for squash.

Tell me something about yourself that people might not readily know or anything that I haven’t mentioned that you would like to add.


Nothing I can think of.  If I win lotto, I will build the best squash facility in Australia!!!

(Sarah spoke with the lovely  Jacki Cousins from Bathurst, (thank you)



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