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Fun Squash facts that you didn't know?

Did you know that the game of Squash has more significance throughout history than meets the eye?

Here are some fun Squash facts to test your knowledge about the game.

 Squash was invented in 1830, by students at Harrow School near London. Prisoners in London Debtors Prison also played a similar sport using rackets, According to the World Squash Federation, prisoners would hit a ball against walls with their rackets for exercise.

The game of squash was once called squash racquets because the soft rubber balls used to play the game “squashed” against the walls when they were hit.

One hour of squash can burn 600 to 1000 calories. In fact, Forbes Magazine voted squash as the healthiest sports based on muscular strength, endurance, calories burnt, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and risk of injury.

Although squash is perceived as an upper-class sport in the United States, there are now programs such as Street Squash, which promote the game for youth-enrichment in low-income communities of New York, Harlem, New Jersey and Newark.

The J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions has been running since 1932 and is considered by many as squash’s equivalent of Wimbledon. It provides fans an opportunity to watch some of the most competitive international squash players in action.

The game of squash is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and supporters are lobbying for squash to be included in the 2024 Olympic games.

In the United States, there are only two outdoor squash courts. One of these is in Burlington, VT and another is in Minnesota.

Prince Phillip of the U.K. was playing squash while his wife Queen Elizabeth II went through 30 hours of labour before giving birth to Prince Charles.

Another royal family member who enjoyed the game so much that he trained hard and played every day for several years, was the prince of Monaco, the late Rainer III.

The doomed ship Titanic had a squash court and it cost 50 cents to play a game. A squash professional Fred Wright unfortunately lost his life on the ill-fated voyage. One of the survivors, Colonel Archibald Grace wrote in his book that shortly after the collision he told Mr. Wright they ought to cancel their match for the morning. It is believed they had played a game previously. 

In 1942, Enrico Fermi and some of his colleagues secretly engineered the world’s first nuclear reactor. The venue for this nuclear chain reaction was the University of Chicago’s squash court. The reactor was part of a project to build the first atomic weapons.


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